In order to improve operational, material, financial and personal performances, the National Employment Fund General Manager decided to implement ICT within the organisation he runs. That is how project NEFISYS was born. (National Employment Fund Information System ).

Its uses are:

  • Setup powerful computer tools to better follow and evaluate the NEF's performance and accomplishments;
  • Centralise data on job seekers, job offers and opportunities;
  • Ease access, for internal users and partners, to information on the NEF's activities and employment sector in particular;
  • Improve data flow within the NEF;
  • Improve visibility through a high quality interactive web site;
  • Develop a computer culture at the NEF

Presentation of NEFISYS

The project has three aspects:

  • Building (or updating) a local computer network at Headquarters and in all NEF agencies; these networks will later be interconnected in order to share data and information but mostly to utilise the central database.
  • The development of the integrated management system NEFISYS to handle all IT software needed to manage the activities of the NEF.
  • The training of the engineers of the project and the users of the management system NEFISYS.

The NEFISYS team

NEFISYS was created by an internal team at the NEF. The team was to conceive the architecture for the whole computer network of the NEF, the applications making up the management system NEFISYS and develop them.

This option was the most interesting as it gave the NEF independence of external interventions often dependant on uncontrollable factors. It also enables the NEF to internally develop all it needs in the short and long term, to manage at reduce cost the NEFISYS system.